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Praise for Sentinel Maintenance

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sentinel Maintenance for the past 10 years, primarily working as our cleaning contractor on large commercial projects. Most recently Sentinel worked on the 1.2 billion dollar South Health Campus project in Calgary, Alberta, approximately 2.5 million square feet of the floor area."

Project Director

“I would like to be the first to write and say that I think the washers did a fantastic job. It’s amazing what one can get used to. The view is even more beautiful now than previously.”

Luxury Condominium
Board Member

“I just got back from the conference, and I saw the windows in the lobby today. At first, I was going to sue you because I thought you had removed and stolen the glass. In seriousness, the windows are so clean that it looks like the glass is missing. I have never seen them look so good. Thank you - I am so glad that you reached out to me that fateful day. You are fast becoming my most favored contractor. The second floor looks equally stunning. I can't wait to start the interior windows now.”

Property Manager

“I can’t believe the difference from last year to this year…it’s like night and day. My windows have never looked this good and your crew took extra care with the detail of our windows and works of art around them! You guys are the best!”

Facility Manager

“I was accosted in the lobby today by residents who were incredibly excited and happy with the exterior job. They were ecstatic and could not stop complimenting the job. They said that this is the first time ever that anyone seemed to care about the windows. They said that the guys were professional, worked very hard and that when they hit a hard spot, whipped out the knife and scraped. The residents are astounded!”

Luxury Residential Condominiums
Director of Residences

"In my 28-year career as a Property Manager, Sentinel is one of the best companies that I have ever used."
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